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transcosmos opens a new office bringing all Shopify-based e-commerce support services in Fukuoka city


Offers comprehensive services including Shopify implementation support, apps development and helpdesk services, thereby strengthening the service framework

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has opened “ECX Tenjin Office,” a new service base specifically designed for its e-commerce support services. The office launched its services in January, 2021.

transcosmos has been offering one-stop shop e-commerce support services that range from the development and operations of e-commerce websites to logistics, and the business has continued to grow year by year. Since the beginning of this fiscal year, transcosmos has been strengthening its services built on “Shopify,” a multichannel commerce platform. Given the increase in “Shopify” projects, transcosmos has opened the “ECX Tenjin Office” in Fukuoka city, a hub of mail-order e-commerce businesses. From the new office, transcosmos offers various services for “Shopify” including implementation support, apps development, operations, helpdesk, and more. By merging its expertise in e-commerce marketing and website operations that transcosmos has developed with “Shopify” technology, transcosmos will contribute to clients in driving their DX (digital transformation) and growing business.

As a flagship for its e-commerce support services business, “ECX Tenjin Office” will begin by offering website and marketing operations services, and then gradually merge and consolidate all e-commerce operations services that transcosmos offers. What’s more, the company will expand the range of services to include Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) and Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) tools such as “HERO,” a virtual shopping tool from the U.S. and “DASH HUDSON,” an AI-powered Instagram visual analytics tool from Canada. Ultimately, the company aims to become the No.1 DX partner based on “Shopify,” and to grow the team to 500 members in two years.

The “ECX Tenjin Office” has an always-on connection to Slack and Meet, enabling members to communicate with members in centers in Tokyo and other locations regardless of their working arrangements. With the goal of making employees feel safe and comfortable at work, transcosmos will also focus on offering employees a variety of working styles including an option to choose remote work or work at the office, creating a working environment that meets the goal, and achieving a healthy work-life balance.

● Comment received from Yasuaki Tokumitsu, Head of Partnerships, Shopify Japan

The Covid-19 crisis has accelerated the move to Digital transformation (DX) in a diverse range of industries, and yet, we
continue to face a shortage of digital talent, particularly in rural areas. Given such circumstances, we have great expectations for transcosmos to make the new e-commerce service center serve as a solution to challenges that many businesses have.

● About Shopify Inc.
Founded in 2006, Shopify Inc. is a leading global commerce company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Shopify Inc. makes commerce better for everyone with "Shopify," the multi-channel commerce platform that offers a wide variety of features including design customization, multi-sales channels that are linked to social network services, and back-office functions such as marketing, inventory management, accounting, customer support and more. Shopify powers over one million businesses in more than 175 countries and is trusted by many brands. *Visit Shopify here: https://www.shopify.com/

● ECX Tenjin Office Overview


Fukuoka Diamond building 5F, 1-12-7, Chuo-ku Tenjin, Fukuoka city, Fukuoka prefecture 810-0001


EC Services Department, ECX Division, Retail Commerce Sector, Digital Marketing・E-Commerce・Contact Center Headquarters

● About transcosmos e-commerce support services
Recognizing the e-commerce market expansion, transcosmos offers a variety of service menus to assist clients in expanding e-commerce sales, and launching and rebuilding their e-commerce business, taking into consideration the size and the positioning of the business within their company. With its end-to-end services from providing consultation, to developing e-commerce systems, to defining operations to outsource, to developing marketing strategies, to customer support, to delivery, transcosmos help clients succeed in their e-commerce business.

About EC-X
transcosmos “EC-X Series,” a set of e-commerce solutions, offers best solutions that address specific challenges each client face.
Visit here for EC-X special website (Japanese only): https://transcosmos-ecx.jp/

* transcosmos is a trademark or registered trademark of transcosmos inc. In Japan and other countries. 

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About transcosmos inc.

transcosmos launched its operations in 1966. Since then, we have combined superior “people” with up-to-date “technology” to enhance the competitive strength of our clients by providing them with superior and valuable services. transcosmos currently offers services that support clients’ business processes focusing on both sales expansion and cost optimization through our 169 bases across 30 countries/regions with a focus on Asia, while continuously pursuing Operational Excellence. Furthermore, following the expansion of e-commerce market on the global scale, transcosmos provides a comprehensive One-Stop Global E-Commerce services to deliver our clients’ excellent products and services in 48 countries/regions around the globe. transcosmos aims to be the “Global Digital Transformation Partner” of our clients, supporting the clients’ transformation by leveraging digital technology, responding to the ever-changing business environment.

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