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transcosmos publishes survey findings “Only 51% of all consumers convey their voices to a business, most of their true feelings are shared on SNS


Publishes a report on “Consumer to Business Communications Trend Survey 2021”

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has published the results of “Consumer to Business Communications Trend Survey 2021.”

The survey revealed that only 51% of dissatisfied consumers communicate their complaints directly to a business, instead, most of the remaining 49% share their negative experiences word-of-mouth over social networking services (SNS) and other media, affecting other consumers’ attitudes and probability of purchase. Therefore, businesses must heed to consumers’ true feelings and opinions about their products and services shared on SNS, and address any issues identified.

Also, when consumers have problems or complaints, and decide to contact businesses directly, 97% of those consumers first attempt to take care of the matters themselves using online self-service tools. They only turn to manned channels such as agent-chat and contact centers when the self-service tools have failed them, leading them to become more and more dissatisfied. The survey found that in order for businesses to guide consumers to self-service channels, it is critical not only to enhance their FAQ content and add new channels, but also to optimize the entire problem-solving process and deliver a stress-free customer experience.

Please download the survey report “transplus,” a transcosmos owned media (no translation available). We hope you find this report valuable in developing your DX strategies for your future growth.

Figure: Consumers reactions whey they feel “Very dissatisfied”

■ Key Findings


【Survey Overview】

● Designed by: transcosmos inc. 

● Objective: Understanding the consumer to business communications trend 

● Period: August 27 to 28, 2021 

● Method: Online survey 

● Number of questions: 58 

● Respondents: Men and women who have communicated with businesses in the past six months. 

● Valid respondents: 3,097


Download “Consumer to Business Communications Trend Survey2021”

URL(no translation available):https://www.trans-plus.jp/data/2021dec/


1. More consumers decide to use real or digital channel based on purpose. Pressing needs for businesses to prepare new channels.
 ● Digital channels are becoming increasingly popular for consumer-to-consumer communications, regardless of age.
 ● On the contrary, although one out of four consumers use new channels such as messaging apps and chatbots, calls and store visits remain strong as consumer-to-business communication channels. Due in part to changes in consumer lifestyle caused by the COVID-19 crisis, an increasing number of consumers use real or digital channels depending on their purpose.
 ● Nearly half the consumers want to use new channels, yet, businesses are not delivering their needs.

2. Critical to enhance the entire problem-solving customer journey and deliver a stress-free customer experience
 ● 97% of consumers first search websites to find answers to their problems, and 79% attempt to troubleshoot their problems on their own by making the most of self-service channels such as a company’s official website and FAQs. They only turn to manned customer service channels when self-service fails them, leading to them becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the company. In order to guide consumers to self-service channels, businesses must enhance the entire customer journey. A higher self-service success rate leads to enhanced service quality in the manned channels.
 ● Consumers’ true need for customer experience during their problem-solving process is a stress-free experience, but in reality, many of the problems are hiding in this process. Businesses not only need to add and enhance channels and content, but also to make the most of digital technologies and enhance the problem-solving process itself, carrying out initiatives such as guiding consumers to relevant channels seamlessly and connecting data.

 ● Only 51% of all dissatisfied consumers directly communicate their complaints to a business. Most of the remaining consumers spread their negative experience word-of-mouth via SNS and other channels, affecting other consumers’ behavior. Businesses need to utilize social listening to pick out consumers’ true feelings posted on and in some cases they need to directly and actively respond to consumers who post. Companies can gain a wider customer base of those that use self-service and assist them in resolving their problems.

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