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transcosmos announces the latest survey findings Self-service options are vital for your customer journey. 2 in 3 users consider switching to a differ


Consumer to Business Communication Trend Survey 2022-2023 covers new CX norm

transcosmos inc. (Representative Director, Co-presidents: Koichi Iwami, Masaaki Muta) hereby announces that the company has published the results of “Consumer to Business Communications Trend Survey 2022-2023.” Please download the survey report on “transplus,” the company’s owned media (no translation available). We hope you find this report valuable in developing your digital strategies and initiatives for optimizing your customer experience (CX), and ultimately boosting your corporate earnings.

transcosmos began its proprietary annual Consumer to Business Communications Trend Survey in 2016. Since then, the report has been well-received by many clients, and is now popularly known as Com Survey. Covering 3,000 online questionnaire respondents, the Com Survey 2022-2023 analyzes how digital transformation (DX) is driving digital customer communication channels today, and also shows trends in different generations. In addition, the report visualizes the customer’s journey, resolving their problems, and reveals the importance of seamless communication.



■ Survey Overview

·    Designed by:transcosmos inc.

·    Objective:Understanding the consumer to business   communications trend

·    Period:August 29 to 31, 2022

·    Method:Online survey

·     Number of questions:48

·    Respondents:Men and women who have communicated with businesses in the

     past six months.

·    Valid respondents:3,000


The latest trend in consumer to business communication channels shows that while more than 70% of respondents use brands’ official websites and stores as contact channels, less than 70% use the phone channel, dropping for seven consecutive years. Over 50% of respondents use messaging apps and chats. Next-generation channels, like the metaverse, have emerged as communication channels, suggesting a further shift to digital as well as diversification of channels, in particular among Gen Z.

Taking a closer look at consumer’s problem solving process, the survey shows that two in three consumers consider changing to a different company when self-service customer support channels fail to resolve their issues. This reveals that increasing the self-service completion rate is vital for optimizing CX. To achieve this, businesses must take initiatives to increase self-service completion rate such as enhancing content, user interface (UI) and user flows of their official websites, and expanding chat service coverage. The report also says that making the most of voice of the customers (VoC) and voice of frontline employees in taking action will lead to stronger corporate earnings and brand image.

The report covers many more valuable findings. Please visit and download the survey report on transplus, transcosmos’s owned media.

Building on the report findings, transcosmos will work with you in shifting your customer communication channels to online and setting your approach towards enhancing your CX strategies.

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