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transcosmos recognized as a DX Certified Business Operator by METI

transcosmos, a Global Digital Transformation Partner for Our Clients


transcosmos signs a collaboration agreement on digital transformation with Oyama town, Sunto-gun, Shizuoka prefecture

Towards creating Oyama, a town where digital connects people and their community


IDEMIA partners with Soft Space to enable Tap on Phone payments

The partnership aims to deliver strong digital-first payment acceptance capabilities for...


transcosmos opens Manila Center 2, a new operations center in the Philippines

Scales its Philippines business to 650 workstations and also ensures BCP by distributing...


transcosmos opens Chiang Mai Center, a new operations base in Chiang Mai, Thailand

‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍‍A content moderation services center offers services in various ASEAN languages...


transcosmos releases the first contact center service equipped with LINE AiCall in Japan

Guides callers to non-voice channels to boost CX and drastically cut agents’ man-hours


transcosmos forms a business alliance with DIGITAL HEARTS, a leading game debugging business in Japan

Aims to develop Asia’s leading one-stop solutions service network covering development,...


transcosmos announces the results of “Global Online Shopping Survey in 8 Cities 2022”

Tokyo lags behind other cities in Sustainable Consumption awareness


transcosmos opens new operations bases, Myeongdong Center and Yeongdeungpo Center, in South Korea

As the leading independent BPO player in the market, transcosmos Korea now delivers...


Soft Space, Malaysia’s leading fintech player and a member of transcosmos group enters into strategic partnership with JCB

At the same time, transcosmos acquires additional shares in Soft Space. The two companies...

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