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Staff Activities

Training Program

Diligence, passion, and innovation are transcosmos' corporate culture. While growth of our employees achieving transcosmos’ value and future, we are also   trying our best to provide broad learning opportunity and superior working environment. We have trainings covering all aspects of work, as well as management training and overseas exchange training program. In team building activity, our employees are randomly divided into groups, and together to complete challenging group task to share the fruits of teamwork, and further understand ourselves during the activity.

Managers Training

Management Seminar

Team Building

Managers Training in Japan

Management Seminar is a grand meeting of all operational managers. Managers spend two days and one night together to participate in various wonderful activities like brainstorming, team demonstration, intelligence contest and debate. The winners will have the chance to visit Japan for learning, which embodies the advantage of trans cosmos’s globalized training system.

Annual Party

The annual party is when we express farewell to the old year and best wishes for the coming new year. By for the entertainment talents in transcosmos. We provide a big stage for our employees to show their talents by performing all kinds of talents show, while enjoying these happy moments, we welcome the new year.

Staff Show at Annual Party 2012

Staff Show at Annual Party 2016

Group Photo of Annual Party 2012

transcosmos Awards Ceremony 

and Annual Party 2010

Team Building

We organize all kinds of activities like photography competition, karaoke, dinner parties to create occasions for our new employees and senior employees to get to know each other quickly and make everyone feel like a big family.

Team Building

transcosmos Games


Basketball Match

Awards of transcosmos Stars

"Reward and incentive mechanism" is a crucial part of scientific management as well as an important way to attract, lead, and develop talents. As a member of transcosmos, we share together the fruit and joy of success in each step of the company's development. You will find your work very challenging, yet full of returns. The company will timely give feedback and affirmation to your efforts and achievements.

In order to commend employees with outstanding accomplishment and excellent performance, we formulate the year's award requirement applicable to the whole company at the beginning of each year, and announce it to all. There are quarter, semi-annual and annual awards, covering all function modules like marketing, operation, and logistics, so as to ensure that the excellent employees in each department have the equal chance to win award. All winners will have to go through the procedure of initial check and second-round review like interior recommendation, grading by selection committee. Bonus, trophy and certificate of merit will be awarded on the annual award ceremony.

Annual Awards

Certificates of Awards

BIC Conference

Quarterly Awards

Annual Outing

In April and May of each year, when spring comes back and all creatures revive, we spend some quality time to the suburb.
Each time, our employees take part in the activity passionately, and during the activity, not only can they relax their mind, bath themselves in the green natural world, and inspire themselves by the landscape of water and mountain, but also have better understanding on each other, and establish true friendship. After each activity, the camera is full of photos, recording so many young faces shinning with laugh and the drop and bit of growing together with the company.

Annual Outing 2009

Annual Outing 2016

Annual Outing 2011

Annual Outing 2011

Birthday Party

Birthday is one’s own festival for himself/herself. In order to enable our transcosmos employees to enjoy their own festival on their birthday, transcosmos sends e-birthday cards and also sends birthday gifts. We believe that happy life is the foundation of happy work and high efficiency!

Birthday Party

Mid-autumn Festival and Birthday Party