Provided one point of contact to support everything from the design, development and promotion to delivery of an E-Commerce site for its launch on the largest Chinese E-Commerce shopping platform, TMALL.


E-Commerce site development and operation for launch on the largest Chinese E-Commerce shopping platform, TMALL


Provided one point of contact to support everything from the design, development and promotion to delivery of an E-Commerce site

Achieved a speedy systems integration through a strategic partnership with TMALL

  • Achieved 150% growth in monthly sales and 149% growth in site visits in the three months following launch


E-Commerce One-Stop Services

Person in Charge,BANDAI (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD.

We received the same care and attention to detail in China as in Japan.

There are many vendors in China who support the development and operation of E-Commerce sites, however, it is rather standard that they only serve to support one portion of these operations.However, in transcosmos China’s case, we were very relieved that they were able to support all aspects of our E-Commerce site development and operation. Furthermore, because transcosmos China is a Japanese company, we were able to receive reports and proposals in Japanese. To be able to directly communicate without risk or worry, while in China, it certainly provided for quick decision making.

Even though launching on TMALL was a new venture for us, with transcosmos China’s help, we were able to have a smooth start. We look forward to further proposals for sales growth based on the transcosmos group’s know-how.

The decision was based on a track record in the Chinese market and ability to serve as a single point of contact for all issues

With the slogan “Dreams and Creation/A company that creates exciting moments,” Bandai Co. Ltd., a leader in the action figure business, is expanding and permeating the brand value it has built domestically overseas, and is actively pursuing global development in the regions of Asia, Europe and America.

The subsidiary BANDAI (SHENZHEN) CO., LTD. hereinafter BANDAI (SHENZHEN), has its headquarters in China, which is experiencing rapid growth, and their mission is to establish sales growth and brand value in the Chinese market.

BANDAI (SHENZHEN) considered that, in addition to its existing distribution network centered on department stores, it could use a new E-Commerce channel, and decided to launch a store on China’s largest E-Commerce mall, TMALL. BANDAI (SHENZHEN) needed a partner to whom they could totally assign the development and operation of an E-Commerce site.

transcosmos’ subsidiary, transcosmos China, with offices in Shanghai, China, was able to anticipate BANDAI (SHENZHEN)’s needs. With a track record of supporting over 30 companies in China, transcosmos China proposed its being able to offer a single point of contact for everything from E-Commerce site development to operation. Furthermore, by being able to offer proposals and reports in Japanese, and to apply the accumulated knowhow and quality controls from its Japanese domestic E-Commerce support operations, it was officially decided that transcosmos China would be awarded the contract.

Design based on strong Chinese market awareness and Japanese level attention to detail

In order to launch a site on TMALL, it is necessary to comply with their strict design regulations. It typically takes many man hours to confirm compliance with those regulations, but transcosmos China, who already had a rich track record and understanding of these regulations, was able to immediately begin design work. transcosmos China developed an E-Commerce site based on Chinese tastes and the trends of the Chinese market, emphasizing the product’s characteristics and world view for the Chinese market.

Following the launch of the TMALL site, transcosmos China provided a wide array of services from E-Commerce business planning support to promotional proposals and implementation, marketing analysis, content management, chat and telephone support, warehouse operations and delivery. The transcosmos group actively applied its detailed operations knowhow and quality control processes for E-Commerce sites in order to provide a level of service in China that is on par with that of Japan.

In regards to systems, because transcosmos China has formed a strategic partnership with TMALL, systems integration had already been completed. All that transcosmos China had to do, was to create a new system integration with BANDAI (SHENZHEN) and speedily implement a three point systems integration. The transmission of order information, a typically complex task, was made entirely automatic and resulted in efficient operations.

Strong support for business expansion in the Chinese market

50,000 shops have been launched on TMALL and obtaining new clients is no easy task. However, BANDAI (SHENZHEN), braved the tremendously competitive E-Commerce mall environment and for the three months from launch achieved monthly sales growth of 150% and site visit growth of 149%. transcosmos China takes pride in that its daily efforts were able to support the smooth launch of BANDAI (SHENZHEN) on TMALL.

transcosmos China hopes to continuously contribute to BANDAI (SHENZHEN)’s further business expansion in the Chinese market by providing and implementing marketing initiatives geared toward sales expansion.

Services provided to BANDAI (SHENZHEN)

Services provided to BANDAI (SHENZHEN)

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