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Manufacturing / Makers 売上拡大グローバルコールセンターデジタルマーケティング

Providing Online Chat Services, Site Operation, EDM, and Wesbite construction services not only for its TMALL shop but also for its independent EC website, and according to the VOC analysis, our service level is >30% higher than industrial average service level in TMALL.


Supporting a new E-Commerce business in China, and quick launch of a back office management service for the client


● The client's EC site rapidly growed up as a popular shop in TMALL by our proposals on sales expansion

Provided one point of contact to support everything from the order management, consulting support, to e-newsletter distribution, and merchandise updating

EC site service level is >30% higher than industrial average level, in-site evluated by the clients' customers


E-Commerce One-Stop Services     Digital Maketing Services 

Even overseas, “detailed and refined” service that Japan is well known for is provided.

The awarding of this contract was based on the high evaluation of the operational track record for the large scale EC site of transcosmos China and the internet promotions of the internet advertisement company, TENSYN Interactive. The “maintenance of quality” resulting from Chinese and Japanese project managers that fully and mutually understand both Japanese and Chinese customs, its “cost optimization” cultivated through its many years of call center operations and its “business planning that is well-informed of the Chinese internet market” were all also especially highly evaluated. The transcosmos group will contribute to expanding the client’s sales by providing lower cost and high quality services.

transcosmos propose its customer support services based on its know-how gained in the Japanese market and adapted to the China market, but it also suggested wide-ranging services including email-magazine distribution and other marketing support. 

The main services provided are:


● Purchase order operations such as receiving orders and inputting delivery information

● Responding to inquiries via phone, email, and chat

● Customer support and administrative work for product returns and reimbursement

● EC site operations such as merchandise master registration and updating, price and inventory management, etc. that are to be posted on the EC site

Marketing-related operations

● PR activities in cooperation with online opinion leaders

● Search engine-related advertisement

● Delivering periodic email-magazine publications to internet customers of Uniqlo China

● Various post-delivery administrative work

Service Scheme

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