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transcosmos signed partnership agreement with Bodygram Japan, company that owns advanced technology to take accurate body measurements with clothes on


Meets consumer needs for no in-store fitting amid the coronavirus crisis and delivers new analytics services using the body measurement data


transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President & COO: Masataka Okuda) hereby announces that the company has signed a partnership agreement with Bodygram Japan K.K. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Jin Koh) and began selling "Bodygram," a solution that enables users to take their body measurements in a fraction of a second. With this new partnership agreement in place, transcosmos has setup a dedicated Bodygram team that provides end-to-end services including development, operations, analytics and other support services related to "Bodygram," an AI-powered measurement technology owned by Bodygram.

About "Bodygram," cutting-edge AI-powered measurement technology

"Bodygram" is an advanced technology that predicts users' body size with the use of deep learning model, a subset of artificial intelligence (AI). All users need to do is to enter their age, height, weight and gender, and take two photos one front and one side with their clothes on via a smartphone. Then "Bodygram" automatically detects the users' body shape and takes an accurate measurement of the different areas of their body including waist, shoulder width, arm length and leg length with a margin of error of only plus or minus 1cm.


Today, Bodygram's technology is already empowering various industries such as apparel (UNIQLO CO., LTD. and SHOPLIST.com by CROOZ), healthcare ("Monitoring Health" by Kao Healthya) and bedding (recommendation service by airweave inc. online store).


transcosmos and Bodygram Japan plan to create new industry specific solutions

transcosmos not only sells "Bodygram" but also delivers value-added services such as a support service for embedding the technology in business applications and analytics services for converting body measurement data into knowledge. What's more, in partnership with Bodygram Japan, transcosmos will create new businesses based on assumed use cases that are specific to each industry.


In order to satisfy consumer needs for services that let consumers skip visiting retail and apparel stores for fitting amid the coronavirus crisis, the two companies aim to promote the service as a new health management service that utilize a contactless measurement technology, an Online-Merge-Offline (OMO) integration approach between stores and e-commerce, and body measurement data. In addition, building on transcosmos's analytics services, the companies will deliver new analytics services with the use of clients' databases and body measurement data. For the insurance industry, transcosmos and Bodygram Japan will offer basic data and analytics services for their health-promoting insurance programs.


In partnership with Bodygram Japan, transcosmos will proactively develop and deliver new services based on "Bodygram" for clients in a broad range of industries including retail (apparel, department stores, and drugstores), consumer goods manufacturing, healthcare and insurance.

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About transcosmos inc.

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