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transcosmos develops “Work it!xCLOUD”, an outsourcing platform which provides flexibility to accommodate diverse workstyles


Delivers services by utilizing registered partners such as former employees and sole proprietors

transcosmos inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; President and COO: Masataka Okuda; hereafter, transcosmos) developed the platform, “Work it!xCLOUD” (URL:https://workitcloud.jp), which offers a work environment that is flexible in accommodating diverse workstyles by removing time and place constraints. Now, transcosmos utilizes this platform as one of its service delivery schemes.

“Work it!xCLOUD” is a platform which connects the outsourcer (transcosmos) with outsourcees (partners). It completes all outsourcing-related processes online, such as signing contracts, ordering, acceptance inspection, and invoicing. By conducting thorough predetermined screening on partner applicant identification and work environment during registration, transcosmos ensures the security and skills of partners and offers high-quality services. It also provides training for partners by leveraging its know-how as an outsourcer enabling them to work smoothly and comfortably in a secure environment. Registering and making partners of skilled and experienced members with limited work options owing to personal reasons, and assigning them jobs that best match their conditions, “Work it!xCLOUD” offers partners diverse workstyle options whilst developing an environment which enables transcosmos to place orders with greater flexibility.

Now, transcosmos delivers its services to clients through “Work it!xCLOUD”. As a first step, transcosmos encourages former employees who have left the company due to personal reasons, plus sole proprietors and small-sized companies that have business transactions with the company, to register as partners whilst proposing this new service delivery scheme to clients.

Deliver services by working with experienced partners in various fields with flexible work arrangement

Delivers high-quality services by working with partners with a basic knowledge of their respective fields and industries including customer support via SNS and chat, creative content development, system development, translation and writing.

New workstyle options include work from home, side-business and dual employment

transcosmos delivers services in various formats such as onsite, center-based, near-shore and off-shore, considering job contents and costs. Now, it offers this new “cloud-based” work environment which has no time and place constraints.

Offer agile, flexible services to support urgent needs and spot projects

With many partners with diverse workstyles including former employees, sole proprietors and small-sized companies, this new scheme supports urgent needs to develop creative content as well as small-size spot projects and with greater flexibility.

In the long run, transcosmos aims to register partners from a wider spectrum of fields in addition to former employees, sole proprieties and small-sized companies with transaction records. transcosmos is also considering the possibility of offering the “Work it!xCLOUD” system itself, examining potential clients’ needs to utilize the system to offer flexible work arrangements.

“Work it!xCLOUD” workflow from registration to operations

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