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transcosmos DDMS (Data-Driven Marketing & Sales) services help our clients develop and implement marketing strategies, carry out long-term marketing operation based on the integration of data system and analysis of consumer data, and drive the businesses to realize digital transformation.

Our Services

transcosmos DDMS (Data-Driven Marketing & Sales) services empower our clients to use data for marketing campaigns, sales management, CRM, and optimize marketing performance. The services are specially designed to help clients enhance their competitiveness and increase sales in China.

transcosmos One-Stop CRM Solution

transcosmos provides a one-stop CRM solution including CRM consulting, data analysis, system set-up and integration and CRM operation. By integrating and analyzing the data of customer, product, social media, and transaction, we enable clients to improve marketing performance. One-stop CRM services by transcosmos help enterprises driving innovation in their business strategy, operation process and organizational structure, strengthen the relationship with their consumers, and finally realize the improvement of consumer loyalty and enterprise profits.

CRM Consulting Services
Our one-stop consulting services include consumer loyalty, life cycle management, customer segmentation, targeted communication, marketing strategy, and point system building.

Data Integration & BI Services
Improve the performance of marketing campaign through data integration services such as data cleansing, data labeling, and data insights.

CRM System Solutions

● transcosmos provides flexible CRM system solutions (customized, semi-customized and SaaS) according to different business needs. The solutions, including membership management system, data management platform, automatic communication platform, points exchange center and shopping guide system, aim to solve different problems on business.

Social CRM Services
 transcosmos offers Social CRM platform to help clients get better insights of the customers’ behavior on main social platforms in China. Based on the insights, clients can deliver more effective and more efficient social media engagement, such as WeChat official account operation, social marketing strategies mapping (i.e. fission, interaction, and influencer), and can reduce marketing cost, and improve sales conversion.


CRM for Membership Management 
 With CRM system, transcosmos offers membership program planning services including membership benefits, offers for different member segmentations, customer journey design, and membership campaign. Through the CRM services above, clients can improve member recruiting rate, customer engagement rate, unit price and repurchase rate, and stimulate the high quality members to be brand advocates.

Planning Services of Subscription Business Model  
 In order to help enterprises to run the subscription business model, transcosmos offers one-stop services ranging from subscription business model planning, operation, to performance evaluation and optimization, which enable enterprises to develop more direct customers, create enterprises-owned loyal customers pool. With transcosmos’ professional services, enterprises can not only improve customer loyalty, but reduce the overall cost of customer acquisition and maintenance.

Enterprise-Owned Data Analysis Services

With transcosmosPtmind services such as data mining, interpretation and analysis, enterprises can better meet consumers’ demands, and maximize the value for consumers. With these data, we help enterprises in marketing, retail, service and other industries to insight into the needs of corporates and their consumers deeply, and accelerate the growth of their business.

Ptengine Services
Through visualizing data on the enterprise-owned platforms, such as the enterprise's official website, EC platform, APP, WeChat mini program, micro mall, etc., enterprise can track consumers’ behavior, generate insight into their consumers, and deliver customized recommendation to users and maximize the conversion. Data from Ptengine can be integrated with enterprise’s CRM system to generated better users’ portrait and enrich the CRM database.


DataDeck Services
 transcosmos helps clients integrate the major data channels both in China and abroad into one platform, and make analysis and visualization of data conveniently and easily. Through DataDeck service, our clients are able to produce data report without difficulty. Customized data detection reminders enable clients to tailor data report flexibly.


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