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Digital Marketing

transcosmos experts in various service domains ranging from consulting, creatives, app development, marketing and promotion, operation and monitoring, to research and analytics work as a team to help clients make the most of social media.

With our cutting-edge solutions that leverage the latest ad technology and our 5 ads operational bases in Japan, transcosmos offers global support for businesses' marketing activities that have become ever more complex, with a myriad of different devices and media in addition to evolving ads technology.

Our Services

Providing online and offline marketing services from planning to execution                

● Social Media Advertisement, Internet Advertisement

● O2O Marketing, App Development,  Research Engine Marketing

 Creative Design, Planning Execution

● Data Analysis/Integration/Application 

● DDMS (Data-Driven Marketing & Sales) Services etc.

Social Media Services

As an authorized Tencent advertising agency, transcosmos can offer ad delivery services to Chinese clients on all Tencent platforms, such as the instant messenger “QQ”, the mobile messaging app “WeChat”, Tencent portal website “”, “Tencent Game”, and “Tencent Video”.

In addition to offering speedy and low-cost Tencent ad delivery services, transcosmos will provide highly effective marketing services via Tencent tools based on the latest information on Tencent’s services and their ad strategy as an authorized Tencent agency. 

What’s more, transcosmos will offer sophisticated services to clients in order to help them boost sales and their brand value by strengthening the link with services that are offered in the Tencent ecosystem, whilst offering transcosmos’s existing services such as e-commerce support, digital marketing, real time sales promotion, customer services, and analytics services.

Our advantages

 We provide integrated creative solution based on digital platform.  

 Everything we do, we are seeking inspiration,

 which includes rationality, imagination and humanistic,  

 it not only links brand owners and consumers,

 but also inspires people to think and recreation.  

 Along this journey,

 we are inspired by brand owners and consumers,  

 it make us feel eternal happiness while fulfilling our mission.

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