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transcosmos is committed to delivering comprehensive cost reduction and efficiency improvements in customer service through advanced artificial intelligence technology. This not only efficiently addresses the core requirements of AI customer service, but also enables more efficient and intelligent service management for enterprises.

3 Highlights of transcosmos AI Customer Service Solution

>60% reduction in labor costs

>90% coverage of customer service range

100% customization of customer service + marketing collaboration model

Multiple modes to choose from, including annual, quarterly, campaign, live-streaming, pre-sales and after-sales


The challenges that enterprises are facing:

1. High labor costs: In addition to inconsistent service levels from customer service agents, high labor costs are also a problem for companies.

2.The weakness of traditional robotic systems: Robots mechanically answer questions based on fixed scripts and templates, unable to deliver personalised communication with humanistic care.

3. Low responsiveness: At peak or emergency times, long waiting times are usually an unpleasant experience for users; and purely human services suffer from insufficient knowledge and training, resulting in inaccurate or incomplete responses to users.

In this context, more and more companies need to use digital and intelligent solutions to improve the quality and efficiency of customer service, enhancing service quality and brand reputation. 


transcosmos AI Customer Service Solution

transcosmos AI customer service solution - Your best sales assistant

Better understanding your needs: transcosmos AI customer service platform achieves the same service skills as senior customer service representatives, and can efficiently resolve customer queries through its knowledge base and sales guidance functions. The platform also has excellent automated processing capabilities that can save you up to 60% in labor costs. It allows you to allocate your company's resources more flexibly and effectively, improving operational efficiency. We offer fixed and pay-as-you-go pricing models to suit your needs.

Closer to customer: transcosmos offers a wide range of intelligent services through the core functions of our AI customer service platform, including intent detection, scene recognition, multi-scenario support and multi-round dialogue, providing users with a personalized service experience. Our AI platform can help you strengthen risk management and provide early warning through its negative sentiment detection and sensitive word/security monitoring capabilities. Also it can enhance the CX experience through its human-AI cyber mode - seamlessly switching to a customer service agent when the need arises.

Faster response: This AI platform has superior algorithms and processing capabilities that have reduced the average response time from over 20 seconds to 5-10 seconds, providing your customers with a fast response and efficient communication experience.

Higher conversion: Through deep learning and real-time data analysis, the platform can increase resolution rates from 40% to over 90% and increase conversion rates by 5-10%. It enables faster and more accurate responses to customers, increasing their satisfaction and loyalty.

Omni-channel reach and efficiency gains

Whether it's e-commerce or private domain, transcosmos can help you deploy, upgrade and maintain the AI systems uniformly. Support seamless integration of customer service systems with mainstream e-commerce platforms such as TMALL,, Pinduoduo, Douyin, and Kuaishou, as well as multiple channels such as official websites, enabling your company to achieve flexible deployment across various channels and provide consistent customer service.

Our AI customer service platform can also be compatible with Dianxiaomi of your branded e-store. transcosmos provides comprehensive intelligent customer service solutions for enterprises to further improve operational efficiency.

transcosmos is committed to using this new AI solution to effectively address your challenges on customer service. With this intelligent service technology, we can help your company improve service quality and efficiency, provide a more personalized and intelligent customer experience, and help your company increase customer satisfaction.

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