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Customer Experience

Customer experience, also known as CX, is your customers’ perception of their experience with your business or brand.

On behalf of the benefits of company, company should provide not only the functional value of the product/service, but also the better customer experience which will make the value to the company.

Our Service

● Industry Analysis (Competitive Analysis, Business Growth Analysis)

 VOC Analysis, Public Opinion Management

 Power BI Deployment

 WeChat related Development & Operation

 5A Loyalty Diagnosis

AI Customer Services Solution, AI QC

 APP/Min-Program/Systems Development & Deployment  etc.

Industry Analysis

Environmental changes and social digitization have brought about great changes in consumer behavior.Philip Kotler proposed in "Marketing 4.0" that a customer path in this era of connectivity consists of 5A’s, namely Aware, Appeal, Ask, Act and Advocate.It describes a consumer decision-making process as a “group decision making” based on various opinions of all individuals and groups that take part in the decision making process; not a process-based only on one individual’s opinion. Based on this idea, MarkPlus promotes two new attributes to measure brand strength: Purchase Action Ratio (PAR) and Brand Advocacy Ratio (BAR)—a set of metrics that evaluate how well brands converts awareness into purchase and advocacy. This concept ultimately repositions the meaning of loyalty from the past definition of repeat buying to new definition of advocacy.

Transcosmos has signed an exclusive business alliance agreement in Japan with Markplus, which owns the “5A’s” intellectual property rights, to provide consulting services for “5A’s” measurements. Transcosmos support client to visualize CVR of every stage in Customer Journey based on 5A analysis, and work on the weakness, so as to convert clients into Advocators.

VOC(Voice of Customer)& Public Opinion Management

VOC:Customer is everything to a business. In today's fiercely competitive marketing, only the businesses focused on customer retention can have more opportunities and beat their competitors. Through scientific methodologies and tools, we help our client company consolidate and analyze the structured/unstructured data from Call, Chat, SNS, survey, store to identify the real voice (needs) of the customers, and ultimately realize the quality improvement of service/product, sales growth and cost reduction.

Internet Public Opinion Monitoring:We identify the adverse public opinions on SNS timely for the client through the social media monitoring tools, and help the client take effective action to control risk. We collect and analyze the voices of end consumer regularly and quantitatively, and provide the daily, bi-weekly and monthly reports, so as to help the client company to improve the performance of products, services marketing campaign. 

Power BI

As a partner of Microsoft Power BI, transcosmos China is able to provide customers with customized digital solutions to helps customers transform e-commerce data into insights.

Case Study

Power BI

AI Construction & Optimization

Today, a growing number of companies are deploying AI and chatbots to their websites and messaging apps such as LINE, but as yet, only a few are using such tools effectively. To address this challenge, transcosmos has developed its proprietary survey criteria based on its proven expertise in diverse areas such as FAQ analysis, bot scenario development, AI tuning, and more. And now, transcosmos has released “Chatbot AI – IQ Diagnostics” services that range from assessing the resolution rate and the quality of companies’ AI chatbots to making proposals for improvement based on the survey results.

Application & System Development Services

We owned a professional system development team, who able to provide deep analysis on customer's needs, offer comprehensive service and support during system development: defining needs, provide consultation, creative on UI design, selective platform, software development, quality check and assurance, support and maintenance. To the product, we are also specialized on re-designation, data integration and migration, adaptable to latest and advanced technology Introducing the best suited support and project management team, offering high-level qualitative consultation at preliminary and clarifying request for our client, thus present the ideal solution to our client.  


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