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Why transcosmos?

Our Services

 Contact Center Services          

Providing customized services on Omini-Channel

● Online Service(Chat, AI/bot, SNS, SMS, e-Mail)

● Inbound Call (Customer Service, Technical Support)

● Outbound Call (Customer Care, Tele-Marketing, Telephone Invitation, Questionnaire Survey)

● CRM/SCRM (System Construction, Data Operation, Data-Driven Marketing Campaign)

 Emergency Call Center (Products Recall, Event/Peak Time)

 Private/Public Cloud Call Center (Home Agent/Remote) etc.            


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 E-Commerce One-Stop Services            

Providing overall services ranging   from store registration to daily operation     

● EC Store Operation, Sales Channel Development

● EC Website Construction & Operation

 Marketing & Data Analysis & Advertising

● Order Fulfillment, Cash Flow/Logistics/Inventory Management etc.




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  Customer Experience Services              

Providing not only products but also great customer experience              

● Industry Analysis (Competitive Analysis, Business Growth Analysis)

 VOC Analysis, Public Opinion Management

 Power BI, AI Construction & Optimization, AI QC

 WeChat related Development & Operation

 APP/Min-Program/Systems Development & Deployment  etc.



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 Digital Marketing Services 

Providing online and offline marketing services from planning to execution 

● Ad Planning & Delivery

● Strategic Consulting, Planning & Implementation

● Creative Design

● Consumer Data Operation

● Ad Planning & Delivery through TMALL/JD Marketing Tools 

● DDMS (Data-Driven Marketing & Sales) Services etc.              



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 Human Resources Outsourcing Services 

Assist clients' corporate functions to improve their business processes

● Labor Dispatch Service

● School-enterprise service outsourcing

● Recruitment process outsourcing

● Personnel agency (salary settlement and agency, individual tax declaration) etc.




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