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Localized and Standardized Customer Service of High Quality

As a Global BPO service providers, transcosmos Group has operating experience in customer service area for 52 years, with over 29,000 seats around the world. Our multi-language call center services across different industries as well as our globalized and standardized management experience enable us to become a valuable partner for our clients. We have successfully helped many fortune 500 companies to cut down cost, expand sales and enhance their brand image.

transcosmos is committed to providing Contact Center Services that maximize the value of customer experience.

As customer behavior and mindset continues to diversify, contact center customer services become ever more critical.
transcosmos helps clients build and operate strategic contact centers that support dialogue with their customers via various communication channels.

Our Services

The contact center is an indispensable communication window between enterprises and customers.

transcosmos uses advanced IT technology to provide enterprises with omni-channel contact center services, supporting enterprises to improve customer experience, optimize operations and reduce costs.

● Online Chat (Chat, AI/bot, SNS, SMS, e-Mail, etc.)

● Inbound (Customer Service, Technical Support)

● Outbound (Customer Care, Tele-Marketing, Telephone Invitation, Questionnaire Survey)

● CRM/SCRM (System Construction, Data Operation, Digital-Driven Marketing Campaign)

● Emergency Call Center (Products Recall, Event/Peak Time)

● Private/Public Cloud Call Center (Home Agent/Remote) etc.

In addition, transcosmos' outsourcing service business also includes customer experience, e-commerce, Digital Marketing, information system development, human resources outsourcing, etc., which can provide enterprises with one-stop digital solutions.

Our Advantages

Superior Quality Assurance System - transcosmos Way

transcosmos unique quality assurance and management system "transcosmos Way" is composed of 7 key factors of call center - satisfaction, quality, quantity, operational cost, talents, environment and method - to our daily operation, so as to ensure the satisfaction of our clients, end users and our employees.

Sophisticated Quality Control Process

Strictly follow our quality KPI control to our daily operation which is “check 1% of all contact types (1% of telephone, 1% of mail, and 1% of letter)” or “4 telephone calls per week for junior employees, and 2 telephone calls per week for senior employees per week ".

VOC - VOC Analysis

● We collect, analyze, classify and summarize consumer’s feedback to our clients for their marketing activity strategy and product development in the future, which also enables our clients to react more quickly to in this fast changing market.

 Help our clients to build standard FAQ continuous update it. By analyzing FAQ, we suggest our clients put key FAQ on website, BBS, and brochure accordingly to cut down call center cost.

Fast Recruitment and on-job Training Planning

● We cooperate with many HR service providers, and are capable of recruiting one hundred employees within one month.

● With a large talent pool, we are able to react quickly to urgent HR demand.

● Formulate training program according to the skills needed on job.

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